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The Community House

August 2019

So I have another new job, working at The Kid's Community @284, at The Community House in Hamilton, MA. This is a new after-school program, that includes many enrichment activities for kids. This is really rewarding work, and I look forward to using my many skills to help kids find what they are great at and like to do. I'm starting off with implementing my martial arts program, and I'm hoping to add other things such as arts & crafts, computer skills, etc.

The picture shown here is me holding the pumpkin I carved for Halloween at TKC.

Missing Pieces - UPDATE

June 2015

Absolutely amazing day meeting my two long-lost siblings Kassidy and Jake. Adopted as babies, I haven't seen them in over 18 years! Overjoyed doesn't even cover it... there are no words. Still trying to process all of this! Photo at left: Me, Jake, Nana Gerry, and Kassidy.

People that know me may have heard me refer to them as "Jacquelyn and Jason". Those were their birth names, but after their adoption their names were changed to Kassidy Danielle and Jacob Patrick. I didn't know this until I contacted the family in November!

Fraternal twins Jacquelyn Elizabeth and Jason Matthew Jr. were born to my mother and step-father in October 1996. I saw them at Beverly Hospital when they were just 3 days old (I was 13 at the time). That was the first and only time I got to see them, and they were adopted about a year later. I had no information on their whereabouts or who their adoptive family was. I searched for many years to track them down but was unsuccessful. There wasn't a day that went by that I didn't think of them and wonder how they were. But somehow I knew, that I would see them again someday! Then one day just by chance I came across some information that could lead me in the right direction on the twin's whereabouts. Using this limited info, I got on the Internet and did a ton of research to track down the adoptive family. After writing to them, they were very receptive and said I could meet them following their high school graduation! That day has finally come, and I couldn't have asked for a better outcome.

Kassidy is beautiful, sweet, loving, and seemed happy to spend time with me and my grandmother. Jake has autism, and although he does not understand who I am, he definitely knew there was a connection. He warmed up to me and my grandmother very quickly, he's very endearing, curious and funny. I feel so lucky to be able to get to know them and be a part of their life.

See more photo's from our reunion here!

NSCC Arts in April Feature

April 2015

I've been featured on NSCC's website for Arts in April faculty/staff talent! Also looking forward to bringing my YMCA kids up to the school for an awesome martial arts demo.
See my feature here: northshore.edu/faculty_staff/arts/index.html

May Update: See photo's from the NSCC Demo here!

Missing Pieces

November 2014

A rather exciting development has been taking place with my family! I can't say too much more right now, but hopefully I will have more to report around the end of May / beginning of June next year. Be sure to check back!

Professor Kristalyn in the House!

September 2013

I have started to move away from freelancing, and into education. In the Fall of 2013, a sudden opportunity came up to teach a Dreamweaver class at my old college, NSCC. It's been a great experience to pass on what I've learned to the next generation, and being in that role has also taught me a lot. It was never my intention to get into teaching, nor do web design... but funny how things can turn out. I have since also started teaching non-credit courses in graphic design.

Meet Lyra

October 2011

I'm a new kitty Mama! I picked out this adorable fuzz ball at the animal shelter, she looked at me with those little kitten eyes and I fell right in love. She is a curious and mischievous little one, but also very sweet and affectionate. She brightens up my day. Welcome home, Lyra!

Sensei "K" Back in Action

April 2011

Since getting back into the martial arts after quite some time, an opportunity has come up to teach my own kid's program at my local YMCA. I'm very excited, this should be fun. Time to brush up on my skills and get back in shape!

Paragon Awards

August 2010

I had the chance to sit on the East Coast judging panel for this year's NCMPR Paragon Awards. These awards are for oustanding promotional and marketing materials for community colleges. It was fun, met some cool people and got to give professional input. I couldn't believe some of the entries... most fell in the mediocre category but a select few were above and beyond, and a handful were not even worth looking at. It was interesting for sure! Hope I get to do it again sometime.