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NOTE: Since I have been studying JavaScript, I am working on a better way to display my portfolio materials here. Being your own client is sometimes much tougher. Please bear with me, the update should be completed soon!

Featured Project:

Innovate Martial Arts website screenshot

This is a website I have been working on for a martial arts school. I had started plans to open a martial arts school of my own, which I have put a lot of work into, but for now those plans have been put on hold indefinately. However I am still proud of the branding and website I have put together. I worked very hard on it, I spent many hours tweaking, troubleshooting, and implementing new ideas. There are some parts of this website that are unfinished, and I have not yet created a mobile version, so to get the full experience you should view it on a desktop or laptop. Visit the full website here: innovate-ma.com

My goal with this website was to be just as the name suggests, innovative. Who says websites have to be made of rectangles? There is no background imagery or text imagery making the structure of this website. Everything from the icons to the circles and buttons are pure CSS code. I had to come up with some creative solutions in design and in code to make this work. The header text and icons are real selectable text, the circles are real containers created in CSS, and so are the secondary (purple) buttons. The purple secondary buttons trigger Javascript to show a different content set inside the circle area, while staying on the same HTML page.